About us

Medicos is a Polish company importing and distributing active ingredients, excipients, and chemical raw materials for a variety of industries. By working with many well-known and respected manufacturers, we are rapidly expanding our assortment and adapting it to the needs of our customers and market demands. Our primary concern and source of satisfaction is to offer and deliver top-quality products with stable parameters, at times preferred by the Customer. Convenient terms of trade – price, payment terms – have helped us to build up a strong network of business relations with our partners, with a tradition that spans many years


For us, distribution is all about transferring information between customers and suppliers, bringing them together to create innovations that improve the quality of life for all of us.
We have an ambitious vision of what we as a business strive to be now and in the future.

Through our services, we aspire to be part of solutions for our world today and for future generations, solutions that protect our resources and preserve the environment.


Our world is changing faster than ever before. The chemical industry is getting more complex, with new regulations emerging.
We are here to help you not only manage change, but also benefit from that change by:

  • continuing to be a coherent source of knowledge and services
  • providing not only products, but also new ideas to help you succeed
  • providing in-depth technical knowledge based on years of experience in working with our clients’ R&D teams
  • suggesting and helping you develop new ways to make your products and services more competitive
  • always improving, exploring and expanding our base of raw material manufacturers from across the world

We, for our part, attach great importance to meeting the expectations of our customers in good fashion. We have included the General Terms and Conditions of Order, General Terms and Conditions of Sale, and the General Terms and Conditions of Returnable Packaging Management in order to streamline processes for you.
We are committed to transparency, quality and professionalism – and we expect the same from our partners

Please consult the attached documents.

General Order Conditions - download PDF

General Terms of Sale - download PDF

General Terms and Conditions of Turnover of Returnable Packaging - download PDF