Household chemicals

Household chemicals are ranked among the most commonly used and popular products, indispensable both for upholding aesthetics and for keeping the environment hygienic. Cleaning formulations should be highly effective without adverse effects on the surfaces to be cleaned.

Cleaning and decontamination agents also vary in their degree of aggressiveness according to their intended purpose. They are usually complex preparations with ingredient compositions designed to deliver specific properties. The raw materials for household chemicals in our portfolio allow for obtaining stable mixtures and solutions with the right consistency and effect.
We offer raw materials for manufacturers of liquid, powder and tablet household chemicals, i.e. for manufacturers of dishwashing liquids and gels, dishwasher tablets and liquids, washing and cleaning liquids, powders, laundry gels and liquids, fabric softeners, toilet blocks and gels, air fresheners, and raw materials for industrial cleaning liquids (e.g. for production halls, utility halls, car washes). Phosphonates and phosphonate polymers account for a key part of the product range.