Produkt: RICINO 4 M

CAS: 61791-12-6

Olej rycynowy oksyetylenowany 4 molami tlenku etylenu

W / O emulsifier, an ingredient, enabled the formation of an emulsion, i.e. combining the water phase with the oil phase. The substance extinguishes the foam. Acts as a rheology modifier (i.e. improves consistency) in washing preparations containing anionic surfactants, thanks to the formation of the so-called mixed micelles. They are used as a re-greasing agent in cleansing preparations. The washing process removes, among others, fatty substances; therefore, re-oiling substances have used that rebuild the lipid barrier.
  • Cosmetics (face and hair tonics, aftershave; solvent and solubilizer of active ingredients, fragrance oils and dyes, base for creams, moisturizing, binding, softening and fixing agent; consistency regulators).

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  • Surfactant – emulsifying
  • Surfactant – cleansing