Produkt: CESTOPAL 18/2 M

CAS: 9005-00-9

Stearyl alcohol ethoxylated with 2 moles of ethylene oxide

W / O emulsifier, component enabling the formation of an emulsion. It acts as a rheology modifier (i.e. improves the consistency causing an increase in viscosity) in washing preparations containing anionic surfactants. This is possible thanks to the creation of the so-called mixed micelles. Renewing substance. The washing process removes, among others fatty substances, therefore re-oiling substances are used that rebuild the lipid barrier.


  • Surfactant – Emulsifying
  • Surfactant – Cleansing

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  • Cosmetics (in the formulation of hair dyes and colors, hair conditioners, permanent waves and other hair care products, as well as makeup foundations, cleansing products and other skin care products).
  • Pharmaceuticals