Produkt: CESTOPAL C 18

CAS: 112-92-5

Stearyl alcohol

Emulsifier, emulsion stabilizer, increases the stability and extends the shelf life of the emulsion. It has opacifying properties, reduces the transparency of cosmetic products. Rheology modifier affects the consistency of cosmetics, causing an increase in viscosity. It extinguishes foam, reduces the amount of foam generated in cleansing cosmetics. When used in skin and hair care preparations, it creates an occlusive layer (film) on the surface, which prevents excessive evaporation of water from the surface, thus conditions the skin and hair, softens and smoothes. Renewing substance. The washing process removes, among others fatty substances from the stratum corneum. Renewing substances rebuild the lipid barrier and partially inhibit the process of leaching lipids from the stratum corneum.


  • Emulsion stabilizer
  • A consistency substance

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  • Cosmetics
  • Detergents