We connect chemical raw material producers and suppliers

For more than a decade, we have been supplying raw materials and active ingredients that inspire novel solutions. We are committed to acting as a synergistic link between our suppliers and customers, adding value to everyone in the supply chain.

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Medicos is a Polish company importing and distributing active ingredients, excipients, and chemical raw materials for a variety of industries. By working with many well-known and respected manufacturers, we are rapidly expanding our assortment and adapting it to the needs of our customers and market demands.

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Our wide range of world-class products, formulations, and speciality chemicals empowers our customers to drive down costs, increase revenues, and deliver sustainable solutions. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements or browse our product catalogue.



Technical consulting

Technical consulting is an integral part of our customer service. We support your product development in terms of the choice and use of raw materials, and work with you to find the best solutions for your targeted task.


Searching for substances

At your request, we scout for project-specific substances around the world. We actively assist not only in finding substances for new projects at the R&D level, but also support you in finding alternative suppliers for your existing projects.


Vendor market analysis

We regularly analyze the supplier market, the quality of the offered substances, availability, manufacturing conditions, quality control systems in place, and price levels.

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